Underwriting is all about using experience to take critical decisions in a highly complex environment. Whoever can leverage the largest pool of experience in the correct way has a key advantage over every other competitor in the field.

AktuarMed®, the risk-assessment and underwriting system of RISK-CONSULTING is a huge break-through. It pulls on the power of the RISK-CONSULTING Morbidity Database containing health insurance application and claims data, and executes the advanced mathematics necessary to generate an easy-to-execute, cost-calibrated underwriting decision. AktuarMed® takes into account the interactions between different pre-existing medical conditions and maps the future health profile of the applicant to the specific coverage of the requested plan.

For every applicant and for every plan, AktuarMed® generates an immediate decision which is:

  • priced to cover the real expected future costs
    (with or without restrictions)
  • consistent with the underwriting strategy
  • consistent with state regulations
  • explained and documented

AktuarMed® is easy to use and fits in almost any IT environment.

AktuarMed® can also be extended to assess existing customers (e.g. at plan change) and entire portfolios using the optional claims compression tool AktuarCompress®.

AktuarMed® can support automated Tele-Underwriting, POS and Web applications through the interactive front-end CDE®.

About AktuarMed®



Download the AktuarMed-Brochure here (1,1 mb)

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The data-input masks of AktuarMed® are easy to understand and simple to use. In fact AktuarMed® is practically self-explanatory and new users are ready to go after just minutes of training.

Virtually no specialist knowledge is required to enter the medical conditions into AktuarMed®. The system knows several names for common disorders and prompts the user to enter the correct diagnosis.

AktuarMed® displays the results of the risk-assessment in two ways. Firstly it displays the underwriting decision and risk-loading. This is the most important information for the applicant. Under this information it displays detailed information on the risk level for each body organ or disease group for which a significantly increased risk is present (For example Diabetes / Pancreas).

In the first column the organ group is displayed. In the second column the increase in the risk level for each group, due to the case history of the applicant is shown. In the third column the effect of the risk increase on the risk loading is displayed.

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AktuarMed® is available in several versions and is compatible with almost all common platforms.

PC-Edition Stand-Alone-Version for PCs and Notebooks
Users: Back-Office

Network-Edition for use in PC-Networks / Citrix-Technology
Users: Back-Office, Call-Center

Host-Edition for integration in mainframe systems
Users: Back-Office

POS-Edition with CDE® for Network or local installation (with or without interface to workflow)
Users: Call-Center, Producers

Internet-Edition with CDE® for use by producer or applicant
Users: Call-Center, Producers, Applicants

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