The paper-based application process for health and life insurance has too many disadvantages to list them all. Unclear answers lead to a breakdown of the process but they are often a result of the process itself.

With tele-underwriting the insurer speaks directly to the applicant, so the insurer is in control of the entire situation! This is why tele-underwriting is replacing step by step the old indirect, paper-based process.

Tele-Underwriting provides the opportunity to ask exactly the questions which are relevant, and to interact with the applicant. The key challenge is to react to each answer in the right way. That is, to always ask the "best next question".

The aim is to ask as few questions as possible but to ask as many as are necessary to understand the true medical condition of this applicant. The optimal solution involves a combination of general open questions to establish where problems may lie, and the ability to drill down to get details of the relevant conditions.

Only CDE® harnesses the power of the RISK-CONSULING Morbidity Database to optimize the question process. Read about this solution here.

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