Insurers have always understood that decisions must be based on solid, reliable experience. Pricing of insurance contracts has long been based on experience drawn from past claims, but it was only in the late 20th century that processing systems became available that allowed sophisticated statistical methods to be applied to large databases.

In many insurance disciplines, databases of a few thousand claims are sufficient to allow a good pricing model and solid underwriting rules to be developed. In the more complex disciplines of health and life insurance however, the vast number of possible medical histories of applicants, and the complex relationships between different medical conditions in those histories, demands huge data volumes. In fact, no single insurer can have enough data to model human morbidity and mortality with any accuracy.

The RISK-CONSULTING Morbidity Database contains over 500 million policy-years of data and over one billion documented claims. It therefore allows unprecedented modeling accuracy. All clients of AktuarMed® and AktuarLife® profit from this database.

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