The mission of RISK-CONSULTING is to revolutionize the world of underwriting. We bring huge data volumes and cutting-edge mathematical methods into play. RISK-CONSULTING builds and mines the RISK-CONSULTING Morbidity Database of health insurance data to model the morbidity of the human being more precisely than ever before.

RISK-CONSULTING has developed data-driven underwriting solutions for Health, Life and Disability insurance. These advanced tools are simple to use and deliver an immediate, cost-calibrated decision for every applicant. The RISK-CONSULTING suite of underwriting systems can be customized to deliver the correct decision for any plan, in any country, and in any language.

The underwriting revolution is already in full swing in Europe. Two-thirds of all private health insurance applications in Germany are underwritten with the help of AktuarMed®, the data-driven underwriting system from RISK-CONSULTING.

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