Insurers face a huge problem in getting the information they need from their applicants. This leads to delays, extra costs, lost applicants, and also to disputed claims when it becomes clear that the applicant has not disclosed his entire relevant medical history. The applicant himself often finds the application process long and confusing. He sometimes doesn't understand what information is really wanted, and may genuinely not remember every past medical treatment without prompting. Both sides therefore profit if the process is made simpler, shorter and clearer.

That is the reason for introducing Context-Sensitive Diagnosis Exploration CDE®. CDE® is an interactive, mathematically optimized, dialog system that poses simple questions, and always uses all previously given information to generate the most cost relevant next question.

CDE® uses the power of the RISK-CONSULTING Morbidity Database to drive the question sequence. Only relevant questions are asked, massively reducing the process complexity, while also getting to the bottom of all relevant issues. CDE® is the optimal front end for AktuarMed® and AktuarLife®, for Point-of-Sale, Tele-Underwriting or Web-based applications.

Never before was it so easy to get full, clear and correct insurance applications!


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